What are the Benefits of Solar?

With the cost of solar power at historic lows and electricity rates higher than ever, more and more Adelaide homes and businesses are making the move to solar to help reduce their energy costs. Solar energy offers many benefits that make it one of the most promising energy forms today.

Installing a solar system on your home or business through C & R All Spark Electrical provides many benefits:

Reduce Your Power Bills

The financial benefit of a solar power system has become so effective, many people are surprised to find out how quickly a solar system will pay for itself. There are no ongoing costs associated with its use, so the installation cost is recovered quickly. Once your Solar system is operational, solar energy is free to produce and will deliver annual savings to your electricity bill.

Renewable, Clean & Green Energy

Solar energy is an infinite, renewable energy source that produces no pollution. This makes solar power a 100% clean, renewable energy source. Solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, conserving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.

Increase the Value of your Property

By installing a solar power system, you can increase the efficiency and appeal of your property. Everyone needs electricity in some form for the property; if the cost of using electricity can be reduced by installing solar power, people will certainly view your property favourably when it’s offered for sale.

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