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We design & install the Perfect Solar System for your home, rental property, office or workshop that will help you cut down on electric bills.

C & R All Spark Electrical will help you design the best system for your needs.

If you have any questions about installing new solar system, or a solar service for you existing system, call C&R All Spark Electrical now!

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The Benefits of Solar

Installing a solar system on your home through All Spark Electrical provides many benefits such as:

Reduce Your Power Bills

Solar energy can help you dramatically reduce the running costs of your property, especially here in sunny South Australia. The sun is free and it’s always available – so why not use it?

Renewable, Clean & Green Energy

Renewable, clean and green energy has become a necessity for our planet’s survival. Over the last 50 years, humanity has caused over half of the change in Earth’s climate by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. While fossil fuels continue to be an important part of our economy, it is imperative that we begin to focus on ways to adapt to the new reality of climate change.

Increase the Value of your Property

If you are considering installing solar panels on your property, you may be wondering how it will add value to your investment. You may be unsure if the cost is worth the benefits and if you should wait for a better deal in the future. Solar panels provide two major benefits: environmental sustainability, and reducing your energy bill. These factors add value to your home in terms of resale price and comfort in everyday life.

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The Perfect Solar System for your Home or Business

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