Switchboard Upgrades

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Switchboard Upgrades

Your switchboard is the electrical device that distributes electricity from the main power supply or supplies to several other smaller load circuits. This could be your home, store, or office. Every building with an electrical supply has a switchboard.

It comprises one or more panels each containing switching devices that protect and control the smaller circuits fed from it. The switchboard is the heart of your electricity supply. Therefore it needs a lot of care. 

However, many people do not know about the necessary maintenance for their switchboards. Electricians often arrive when it is too late to salvage anything, and a total replacement is required, amongst other issues. 

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How Do I Know That My Switchboard is Faulty?

The switchboard is a complex device. Only professionals can accurately analyze its inner workings and identify problems. But there are simple things you can look out for to help you know if your switchboard is faulty, or if it needs an upgrade:

Why Should You Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Switch board normally need upgrading if your home it earlier then 2000’s & should be checked regularly for these reasons:

Ensures Safety

A poorly maintained switchboard is prone to cause electrical malfunctions, some of which could be fatal. Since their components are outdated, they are less compatible with new power supplies and can get overloaded. An overloaded switchboard can cause fires. They can also lead to damaging unprotected devices & or injuring people.

Ensures Compliance

Older-style switchboards are likely not compliant with current regulations. Technology is constantly evolving and the national grid keeps up with these upgrades. The reason is that newer technology is often safer and more efficient.

Older switchboards are also not always compatible with new smart meters. So you may miss out on the capabilities offered by smart meters by having an outdated meter.

Switch Board Checks Help You Save Money

An outdated switchboard carries with it safety hazards and the threat of property damage. The losses you risk incurring without an upgrade surpass the price value of getting one.

A well-maintained switchboard will not need a full replacement. Regular, professional check-ins may also seem like an extra expense, but it is an investment that will help you save much more in the future.