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When you call C & R All Spark Electrical to install your air conditioner, you are getting the benefit of a 24-hour electrician with years of experience and skill.

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Air Conditioning

We employ our expert electrical services to ensure that once set up, your air conditioner is running efficiently. Our relationship with your unit doesn’t stop there. We can work out a regular maintenance schedule which will help reduce costs and ensure that your machine has a long healthy life serving your family. We have experience in installing a wide variety of quality brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Your reverse cycle split system is in the expert hands of the best local electricians Adelaide has to offer when you retain our services. We do air conditioning installs, repairs and services on a wide range of systems. You can count on the benefit of our quality electrical services when anything goes wrong.

In addition to any electrical work, we can execute whatever repairs your unit needs including unclogging blocked drains. We can also work with you to set up regular cleaning for your coils and filters. Servicing all of Adelaide, C & R All Spark Electrical are your go-to air conditioning service experts.

Our Services include:

  • Install and servicing of split systems
  • Filter cleaning
  • Repairs to blocked drains
  • Coil cleaning
  • Reclaiming gas
  • Adding gas/charge
Ducted Air Condition Servicing

Reverse Cycle Ducted Units

Your reverse cycle ducted units is in the expert hands of the best electrician Adelaide has to offer when you retain our services. We do air conditioning installation and repairs and service a wide range of units. You can count on the benefit of our quality electrical services when anything goes wrong.

We will design and construct ducted systems to suit each home, individually to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our Services include:

  • Zone motor replacements
  • Zone motor installs
  • Full ducted replacements and installs
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Installation, Servicing of Split Systems & Reverse Cycle Ducted Units

Having to install air conditioner split systems can be a significant investment for a homeowner and can contribute so much to the comfort of a family and those who visit the home.

The proper servicing of your split system is almost as vital as how it is installed. To ensure that you get the best return on your investment, regular servicing is essential. It is the best guarantee that the unit is running efficiently, which in turn ensures that you save as much as possible on your electrical bill.

We install quality brands such as:

Experts in Air Conditioning

As specialists, Daikin take pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.

Quality After Sales Support

Daikin’s comprehensive range of services from their dedicated after sales support team will ensure the long term durability and keep your Daikin running smoothly for many years to come.

Sensitive Choice® Approved

Daikin’s split system air conditioners are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice® program, and are the only split systems that carry the blue butterfly symbol.


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Air conditioners built for Australia

Mitsubishi air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and proven performance in the tough Australian environment. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the new R32 MSZ-GL Series range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution.

30% cost saving on inverters

Available as a premium inverter option or as a standard ‘Classic’ version, the latter offers a high specification system using traditional fixed speed technology, whilst providing extremely good value for money, costing approximately 30% less than the inverter equivalent.

Mitsubishi Electric reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems provide the ultimate in comfort, year round for the whole home.

Advanced features like Wi-Fi Control, gives you the ability to monitor and control your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner anywhere!


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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Built on history and experience

Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 years, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand has a rich history of superior air-conditioning products and is instantly recognisable for quality and technological advancement.

Technology that outlasts and outperforms

Their Japanese-engineered technologies allow us to design and deliver world class air conditioning systems that go the distance within the tough Australian climates.

Innovation is in our DNA

Leveraging our experience within the energy, space, aviation, automotive and environment sectors and utilising cutting edge technology, innovation is central to both their organisation and the development of their air conditioning solutions.

Committed to our customers

Standing behind the quality of their products is their commitment to their customers and after sales service guarantees. Comprehensive warranties provide you peace of mind and carry their promise of quality to you


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